My ‘off kilter’ digital world

It’s been an awkward time, my world has been a bit off kilter… My steady, reliable iMac crashed some months ago. After a month or so; Apple managed to get it all sorted, rebuilding the machine ~ I basically was walking out of the Apple Store with a brand new machine. In the midst of this month long headache, I had a MAJOR file clean up in process. 1TB of digital art needed to be fine tuned into my organization system, backed up and deleted from the iMac hard drive to free up some space for NEW creations.
Pro Tip: invest time upfront creating a well structured maintainable workflow and organizational system for ALL digital files. 
I put my creating on a wee hiatus, because:
1) sadly, the stress of this all had blocked my creativity
2) I was adamant about not loading any more data onto an already overloaded machine and once it was more of a manageable workload THEN I would be free to add more to my collection.
digital stress
So, I just about get my files all organized, at least to a more manageable state and I am feeling really great about my accomplishment, like I can breathe again because I know I have a pretty good system coming along and backed up and yessss, I can FINALLY get back to creating! Guess what happens?!
The newly replaced iMac dies!!! Might I add 17 days after Apples 90 day warrantied work… gah! 😣 Here we go again! I am now in for another crossroads with this digital dilemma ~ but that is a whole other story…
Who can relate ~
Losing a computer is a HUGE disruption? Sadly, we’re living in a digital world and the dependance on technology is far too great. 
Thankfully though I learned early on in my career ~ BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP, BACK IT UP.. no digital files have been lost (praying the external hard drives behave until I finish the daunting organizational task in the coming weeks )
Pro Tip: ensure to make multiple back ups of your important digital files to  external drives, alternate devices, cloud storage and for extra precautionary measures, you can even store one of the external hard drives offsite. 
digital storage
I could not handle the suppressed creativity any longer. I decided nope, I MUST, MUST, MUST get out there and continue to create regardless of how disorganized and complicated this technology is.
Thankfully from my wedding photography days, I had invested in multiple CF cards, and though it felt a bit backwards to photograph and not be able to process the images right away, I took to the streets and well, over a wee bit of time I FILLED them up.
Hindsight; it’s probably better that I couldn’t process the images right away because here’s something you probably didn’t know about me ~ I am fairly critical of my work, especially when it is fresh. I generally need a “cool off” period before reviewing my work to quiet the nagging voices of condemnation. Yes, the artist journey is REAL ~ “this sucks, what am I doing, oh this is ok, no this is great, I am on to something!” ha ha ha ( fellow artists I know you can relate 😉)
Anyhow, so now with ALL cards ( totalling 82 GB) FULL I have no choice but to get these images onto my newly acquired iMac to free up some more creating space….
work day, loading digital images to computer
It’s a delight & disruption all at the same time!
A Delight discovering what are the mystery images? I shot a multitude of subject matters, wildflowers, architecture, bees, livestock, landscapes, light play and I cannot even remember what else! How did they turn out? Reliving the moment of the creative experience will definitely get my creativity fired up again and spur me along!
A Disruption, because I now I have to 2 major projects on the go. Getting that original organization project finalized, along with sorting the external hard drives correctly making a duplicate back up. Along with adding a significant amount of images to be processed and then put into their proper organization.
Can you relate ~ digital disorganization takes a toll on mental focus, increases stress and is a distracting time waster. It’s VERY important to build a structured system that is manageable to maintain.  
Well, I tell ya; I will be taking it one step at a time, tackling a little bit each day until I reach the end.
sneak peekI have already uploaded one on the smaller CF cards because I just couldn’t wait any longer, and I just HAD to connect with my creative self again. I can tell you; I am VERY happy with the outcome! It is something a little different than I have done in the past. I am excited to share it, however it is not quite ready yet. I need to ruminate on it before I release it. In the meantime, here is a little sneak peek  ~>
I can at least give you a little idea of the colours and feel of the image.
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Thanks for sharing in journey
Stay tuned for more! ♡

Artist Insight ~ A Patriotic Work

Canada 150 ~ Waving Flag

🇨🇦 I am Canadian 🇨🇦

I’m very blessed to have born here in this beautiful land of freedom and privilege. Last year, leading up to the big occasion of “Canada 150” I felt inspired to create an image in honour of my Country and I was not quite sure what I was going to come up with but with some prayer and a little time to contemplate ~ it came to me in small bits…

I was going to use my photographs together to form the Canadian Flag.

First I needed to photograph red and white the colours of the flag that weaves my Country together. I decided since the images were about the colour primarily, that I wanted more of an abstraction of the subject matter so macro photography would be best suited for this project.  With Abigail (my Canon 5D Mark II ) in hand, I ventured out on the hunt for some red and white.


white-visionphotography-lauracookI did not have to travel very far; my house is white, with a bright red door. I had all the makings right on my doorstep. However I did venture out around town because shooting images on my front porch just felt a little too easy. This goes to show my fellow shutterbugs … you do not have to venture to exotic places for inspiration or great images!


I found myself out on the main drag… and this building became my fascination. For hours of photographic fun I explored every angle and textured red & white surface.


redandwhite-VisionPhotography-LauraCook copy

It was quite remarkable the results I was getting. I had a hard time stopping my creative workflow. With several hundred images captured, how the final image would come together I was quite unsure, since this was my first ever attempt at a whole new area that I was exploring ~ the photo montage.

It was time to take to the computer.  After hours and hours of culling & processing I could not see how these odds and sods of beautifully crafted images were going to come together to form the Canadian flag. I was overwhelmed by analyzing the colour combos which resulted in feeling uncertain and unsettled with how this project was going to turn out.

I pressed on through the doubt and critical thoughts and decided it might be a better idea to let the images ‘rest’ while I tackle the project from the back end.

Switching gears, I  started constructing my grid. With grid in place, it was time to lay down colour to hold image placement. From there, deciding how many rows and columns to go with, what size the individual images would be and how would that translate when printed small (6×4) vs. large (36×24) how images would be used to fill the space.


Once that was formed, it started to fall into place … this image here, that one there… take a step back, review, rearrange, plug in some more.. until completion!



I did it! It came together.. but was it complete? Was I satisfied? Could I do better? I liked this formation but it felt a little too obvious and safe to me, so I took a step back and the lightbulb went off! The creative juices were flowing!  SPACE is what this image needed to give it more of an artistic flair. Give a little form and let the imagination fill in the rest, which resulted in this version.


Nice, but still something was not making my soul sing… keeping with it, working it through ~ ahhhhh I had it! It needed some MOVEMENT!  You know like “A WAVING FLAG” and yes, the song was rattling ’round my brain as I was trying to figure out how to give this two dimensional image some movement and make it wave. It wasn’t long, and everything started to fall into place ~ I present to you the completed image:
(best viewed from a distance to get the effect)



My soul was singing. This project was a delight! I tackled the photo montage. Some wonderful creations are now a part of my collection and I am excited to share these and my process with you! Have your say ~ what version is your favourite?

I am proud of these works and see great potential for the application of this art piece. The spaces these images could enhance from the public spaces such as city hall, fire stations, libraries, schools, community centres, to the private office space or the true patriot wanting to proudly display it in their residence, or cottage.

This image can be given as a unique gift and perfect for many occasions and many individuals. A visitor taking back a memory of the country they had just experienced, those in office, those in public service, employee / volunteer appreciation, retirement and new Canadians, as a friendly welcome to their new country and the list goes on and on and on.  Who do you know that would just LOVE to receive this image as a gift? What public space needs to have this image proudly on display for all to see?


If you are local ( Waterloo Region ) blank note cards are available at Cambridge Centre for the Arts Gift Shop & Homer Watson Gift Shop ~ When is the last time you sent a handwritten note to someone?  For large quantities feel free to contact me directly to order yours.

Prints can also be purchased at my E-store please feel free to send me an email to discuss custom sizes, mediums or products that you may be interested in. I’d love to help make your vision a reality.

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A Flourishing Spring!

It’s been quite a busy May & June promises to be art-filled ~ I am so very delighted!

Looking back on May…

It’s my mission to make a meaningful contribution to lives of others through my God given gifting & talents. I was blessed to be a Visual Arts Finalist for Bernice Adams Memorial Award.  Although I didn’t take home the beautiful award, It’s incredible to have been recognized for contributing to my community.  These awards recognize individuals and groups in the community of Cambridge for their outstanding contributions to the artistic and cultural life of Cambridge, in the fields of Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music & Literary Arts.

Photo Credit : Brian Mullins

The evening celebrating the arts in Cambridge was a delight! The live entertainment was incredible, lots of fun with the silent & live auction and the awards presentation was inspiring. My favourite was the tribute to Bernice Adams, such an incredible woman whose legacy lives on.  The evening was a great success, thanks to the Cultural Awards Committee. To the many who contribute to the artistic & cultural life in Cambridge to keep our arts scene thriving ~ your efforts are amazing, thank you for investing yourself!
I am excited to see what opportunities will unfold in the coming year to continue to give back to my community ♡

LauraCook-RockPaperScissorsNewly released works from the archives were a part of the Rock, Paper, Scissors exhibition in May in Cambridge. Have a look ➢ here

lauracook-letsgoexhibitionatWalterFedyOther newly released works are currently on exhibition “Let’s Go!” at Walter Fedy (Kitchener) until August, 2018, more on these works later. Don’t miss it ~ subscribe to Soulful Society   to get the 1st online look, along with artist insights.

Coming Up…

I will be debuting ten newly released works at Cambridge Celebration of the Arts ~ This free exhibition focuses on juried works in visual, literary and performing arts and is   hosted at Cambridge City Hall  Friday June 15th, 2018 6pm-11pm. This is a favourite event that you won’t want to miss. The visual arts exhibition will be inside City Hall ( 50 Dickson St. Cambridge)  until June 25, 2018.

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Arts WeekendOn Saturday June 16th I will also be a part of Cambridge Street Art Scene. This one day event at City Hall ( 50 Dickson St. ) runs from 8am-1pm and features Mural and Chalk artists, craft breweries, live music, an interactive art piece and Art Market. 

Featuring a variety of small and large open & limited edition pieces perfect for any home and office decor!

Have a look at some of the works available,  pre-order your images for pick up at the Art Market. get in touch for more details.


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A Royal Visit

On the eve of another special day in Royal history, I reflect back 7 years when another Royal couple said their vows. This was truly a amazing experience! Being a part of history in the making ~ there in the streets of London, while Kate Middleton married her Prince ~ Prince William.

royal-wedding-kate on way-vision-photography

royal wedding-will&kate

What a delight it was to see the Queen in “REAL LIFE” right before my very eyes, oh how wonderful… truly a moment I will remember and cherish for my lifetime, you see my beloved Nana was from England so I’m a bit of a sentimental one with a British connection. queen-vision-photography

Tomorrow Meghan Markle gets to marry her Prince ~ Prince Harry and it takes me back to that excitement, the pomp and pageantry, the pride, heritage, tradition, OH what an amazing day millions will be a part of history in the making, once again.

Sadly, I will be witnessing from the comfort of my home on the tele, so to gear myself up I thought I would share some fond memories that are dear to my heart from that trip long, long ago in a far away land….  

I was delighted to visit Windsor during my stay.  Unfortunately I hired a bus tour which only allowed us a very quick glimpse at the Castle. Which has put Windsor on my bucket list – I must return and I am kicking myself for not taking that opportunity this year, as THIS would be the time to visit! royal-wedding-windsor-castle-harry&meghan
It looks like a darling little place that needed much, much more time to explore! Our time was spent at the Castle and the grounds are huge, and there is lots to see and take in. All the history in that Castle. I could easily spend a day or two exploring and if I was photographing ~ leave me there for a week! It’s a lot to take in.  {Yes! I will go back 🙂 }


prince harry & meghan markle- royal-wedding-windsor-castle

I was delighted to witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony with the musical support of the Regimental Band including Drum Corps and Pipers while at Windsor Castle. It was quite the spectacle. I was outside of myself with excitement! An incredible moment in time!royal wedding queens guards


Another fascination while visiting Windsor Castle, was the Horseshoe Cloister. This was built 1478-81 shortly before the start of the Tudor period. The buildings provided lodging for the vicars and the men of the choir (Lay Clerks) at St. George’s Chapel.  Today it remains home to Lay Clerks & their families.  How Neat!

St. George’s Chapel ~ well that was quite an extraordinary sight! On the roof of the chapel, standing on the pinnacles, and also on pinnacles on the sides, are 76 sandstone heraldic statues representing the Queen’s Beasts, showing the Royal supporters of England which was restored in 1925.

royal-wedding-st george's-chappel
St.George’s Chapel

I was most fascinated with the Quire. The amazing stained glass window, the ceiling, the Garter Knight Stalls, the Garter Knight’s Banner & Crest ~ such detail in the wood work! The black & white checked floor, the tomb of King Henry VIII.

This Chapel and Castle is rich in history! Tomorrow Prince Harry & Meghan will add to the history. What an exciting moment in time we are approaching! I pray for a blessed marriage between Prince Harry & Meghan and that the Lord will use this union to positively change many lives that they touch.

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me! Will you be watching the Royal Wedding from afar, or be a part of the celebrations live from Windsor? Love to hear how you will be making this occasion.

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Pop Up Show: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Preparation is in full swing for this exclusive pop up exhibition “Rock, Paper Scissors” appropriately featuring original artworks of paper, metal, rock, stone, cement, fibre, glass, clay and any combinations of those mediums.

The artworks have been juried into the exhibition and features Eighteen Waterloo Region artists, which I am honoured to be one of! It is always a pleasure to share newly released work with my community. ♡

VisionPhotography_PreparingTwo of the 3 works were created on a week end adventure to Bancroft (Central Ontario) and feature the glorious Canadian Shield, which I was so fascinated with.

I was driving through Burleigh Falls and was absolutely awe-inspired with the topography. The massive rolling terrain had me suddenly yanking the car over to the side of the road, my soul needed to behold that beauty!Burleigh FallsAfter hours of soaking in this geological landscape, came closer inspection. Again my soul was absolutely gobsmacked!  The designs, patterns & textures that the cracks and crevices produced had to be explored through my lens. The colours and sparkles to be found within the different stretches of rock were also a delight to my soul!

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But more importantly, come see these works up close & personal

See you there,
Friday May 4 (5pm-9pm) Opening Reception,
Saturday May 5th Show continues!
40 Main Street Cambridge
Donations gratefully accepted

Not able to make it to the event? Follow on Social & check for public reveal of featured works.

Thank you to our organization Art$ Pay and sponsor Perimeter Development for this wonderful opportunity to connect community & visual arts.





An Artist’s Reflection: World Art Day

Did you know? On this Soulful Sunday – today, is World Art Day. Thought I would take some time out to reflect and share ♡

My passion for photography and creative vision was birthed over 15 years ago. I found myself continuously enamoured with the abundant beauty that is found in the every day, and could not resist documenting it.

Photographic Artist Laura Cook In The Field
Photographic Artisti, Laura Cook – the making of “Tranquility”

As a photographic artist, I preserve experiences of creation from my heart, spirit and soul. Consistently I use the camera as my paintbrush enhancing the deeper experience and the emotions felt. Sometimes in true form of preserving what I see, and other times abstracting reality.


I work close up often depicting human nature in abstract, symbolic ways. I spend significant time working with my subjects, carefully observing and appreciating the beauty, fully experiencing the moment. I examine what it is about the subject that has enticed me. I then pick up my camera and carefully craft the image, ensuring I am creating my unique artistic vision. The deeper meaning is revealed, once the body of work is complete.


God uses this special gifting teaching me to unplug, slow down, get outside, and appreciate the simpler, finer things in life. Reflect; meditate on the things of God. Listen to my creator – the ultimate creator. Stay connected to His Spirit and witness His Majesty through the process.

“Silky Sailors”

I enjoy creating in a range of styles from realism, minimalism, abstract and impressionism. I value growth and development and continually push the boundaries of my creative expression.

“Freedom Flight” on exhibition

My photographic art enhances the lives of others not only by providing inspiration and bringing emotion into home and office décor but also gives back . I have created quality custom collections to satisfy the unique image needs of several homeowners, organizations and businesses.

Vision Photography Hope
“Hope” – brings a little light into your home or office decor

I am amazed to look back over the past 14 years and reminisce on how blessed I have been.  My work has been selected for various juried group and solo exhibitions in New York City, Toronto, Oakville, Brantford and Waterloo Region. I am so thankful for these opportunities because it is such an honour and pleasure to share my work. I am also delighted that my work has even won awards and that I have also been a visual arts finalist for a Bernice Adams Memorial Award in my community.  Thank you to all who have supported my journey and the Lord for lighting the path. I can’t even imagine what the year’s ahead hold, I am excited with anticipation!

“The World” Honourable Mention Award Winner; 2013 Cambridge Centre for The Arts Juried Art Exhibition

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This distinct art leaves a lasting impression. What images do you desire to enhance your space? View to view more of my work or get in touch for your own personalized collection. Limited commissions are accepted throughout the year.


Knitting the community together…again

Do you remember? Cambridge Centre For the Arts, former Artist in Residence Sue Sturdy knit the community together in 2010 through covering the Main Street Bridge with knitted afghans, blankets, scarves and other pieces. It was quite a visual delight in the city that warmed many hearts.

Well, Sue did it again! September 23, 2017 was the “Grand Woolly River Ride” a celebratory event along the Grand River, launching from Linear Park and ending at Riverbluffs Park featuring a flotilla of about 100 canoes and kayaks decorated with donated knitting, sewing and crocheting.  The knitting from the flotilla was assembled into a giant Canadian Flag that was displayed on the hill at Dickson Park into October.

I read that this Canada 150 project reflected on the importance of how the country was opened up through it’s rivers and the founding local industries, mills and textiles. Sue’s inspiration was the community, she loves to get the community involved and to put a smile on people’s faces. GrandRiverWoollyRide-vision-photography-4
I also completed a Canada 150 project in July, so when I learned of Sue’s project it sparked my interest. I was excited to see what she had come up with this time since the Knitted Bridge was so impressive. I love, love, loooove texture, colour and pattern so exploring this visual delight closer was necessary, and naturally I was enthralled with this particular photo adventure!


I am often drawn in by a scene but I most enjoy photographing the finer details to bring focus to the overlooked beauty that surrounds us. Oh boy! Did this ever provide hours of photographic enjoyment for my soul.grandriverwoollyride-vision-photography
The fabrics, textures, patterns, colour selections oh my! What a delight it was to spend my afternoon appreciating this grand project through my lens. It has my soul singing even as I type this and each time I look at the images I was blessed to make from all this beautiful handiwork. GrandRiverWoollyRide-vision-photography-10
The way the team assembled each piece to compose the Canadian Flag was visually pleasing. I was overjoyed with everything before my eyes. The love and hours that went into each piece and this project as a whole was astonishing! GrandRiverWoollyRide-visionphotography-2
Not only a visual delight, after this flag was dismantled, each piece was washed and re-purposed into scarves, blankets and other items in order to aide the community and its citizens.  Wasting nothing, what a purposeful projectGrandRiverWoollyRide-vision-photography-7
It was my joy to photograph this amazing community project forever preserving what once was.  These are just a few of the images created, have a look at the full gallery: Grand Woolly River Ride Photos GrandRiverWoollyRide-vision-photography-3
Thank you Sue, for knitting the community together. The many volunteers and supporters who made the event a success, knitters for your amazing textiles that inspired me to create, and anyone else involved in this or helped to make this possible.
On Wednesday Nov 29th you can celebrate the Grand River Wooly Ride at the “Bring It On Home Party” at Cambridge City Hall.

Tickets are $20 and each admission will send you home with a re-purposed piece of the project and all proceeds go to Cambridge Self Help Food Bank , Cambridge Centre For The Arts, YWCA, Ancient Mariners Refreshments will be provided by Monigram Coffee Roasters 

See Grand Woolly River Ride and Knit Bridge on Facebook

Did you view this ‘Grand’ wonder? Or participate in this community project? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below

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How to get brilliant birch bark in your home today…

Who doesn’t LOVE birch bark?
I mean… just look at it !!!
Pure • Raw • Authentic ~ Glorious!
That beautiful blue/green lichen adding to the texture….oh my beating heart ♥

No wonder we feel the need to bring it onto our homes.There is just something about it. It’s natural, unique, one of a kind!Who wouldn’t want to bring the outdoors in and have it proudly hung on their walls? I mean really!? Just look at that gorgeousness!

Wohndesign - Wohnküche türkis

It’s not only aesthetically pleasing,  but nature has great health benefits. Like most, I find myself retreating to the ‘great outdoors’ for refuelling when I feel stressed, fatigued, angry or depressed. Cognitively, it does not require a high level of directed attention to take it in and thus, reduces mental fatigue.


I find myself coming back from nature refreshed, recharged, clear headed and feeling a great peace and contentment~ even inspired!

All the more reason to bring nature inside.

Duties and obligations demand our time, taking us away from the serenity that we not only desire but deserve. You can create a soothing retreat to be enjoyed everyday ~ bring these beautiful birch bark photographs into YOUR space.

Get in touch to discuss custom options to suit your decor needs. Together we will create your little piece of serenity.

To view other photographs a part of my nature collection visit :



Solo•tude ~ you weigh in…

It was the early morning of August 1, 2014. I sat there on the dock, while I was waiting for a sighting of the  illustrious Loons that kept evading me that week end. Sipping my coffee, reflecting in my journal while I waited with anticipation.

I was in awe with my surroundings ~ the quiet stillness, the gentle breeze, feeling at peace and anticipating the Loons and the day that would unfold. This lovely moment would quickly slip away so I put the journalling on hold, this scene must be photographed. There is just something so special about early morning moments when you are with yourself.

I never shared this particular image before, I well … wasn’t quite sure what I thought about it . Was there something to this image? Or was it just my experience that I associated with it that made it special?

I’ll let you weigh in…
How does this image make you feel?
Where does it take you within your soul?
Where would you hang this in your home?
Would you hang Black & white or colour version?Leave your feedback in the comments below ⇣⇣

Oh… and the Loon ~ did grace me with it’s VERY brief presence… and then it dove under, never to been seen again that day…{that is my luck with the illustrious Loon.. ha ha}

Why Dining In The Dark Is Beneficial

February 26th, 2016 I was honoured to be the event photographer for DeafBlind Ontario Services’ Dining In The Dark held at the beautiful Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge.

DeafBlind Ontario Dining In The Dark

DeafBlind Ontario Services supports individuals who are deafblind to live and thrive within the community. They promote independence through senseabilty.  Through the generous support of donors they are able to offer many incredible programs and services to their clients. One of which, especially dear to my heart, being a photographic artist is their Sensory Exploration Arts  what an incredible, empowering program. I am moved deeply by this program. This though, is only one wee facet of this organization which relies on the generosity of donors.

Enter #DiningInTheDark, this wonderful evening was quite a fun and successful evening I was proud to be a part of. The silent auction was incredible! The amount of quality items generously donated was quite a hit with the guests, generating quite the buzz.



The live entertainment, set a great mood for the evening.  How wonderful to enter the facility to the delightful sounds of local guitarist  Juneyt Yetkiner  .juneyt_yetkiner_dininginthedark

The WRDSB Special Education Chamber Choir provided such a joyful performance for all to enjoy.  WRDSB_Special_educatio_chamber_choir_dininginthedark

Sue Foxton, Mayor of North Dumfries Township gave us a warm welcome to our evening. Emcee Jess Toso of Kool FM lead us through the evening. Tina Woods, Manager of Regional Operations shared a special video presentation.


Then there was dinner. Yes, here comes the fun part… #DiningInTheDark.  Quite the experience partaking in a 3-course meal blindfolded. With the gracious help of Deafblind interveners and the Cambridge & Kitchener Fire Fighters assisting us through our dining experience we managed quite well.  What a delicious quality meal we all enjoyed.





In addition to the silent auction, there was also a live auction. Many amazing items were contributed to this part of the evening.  Fighter jet flight – can you imagine a flight in a fighter jet ~ well one lucky bidder is going to have that thrill of a lifetime!

For some lucky ladies, a hot night at the firehall… these were just two of the fabulous prizes that were so graciously donated for the event.  In addition to silent and live auction there were many other incredible activities to take part in. dininginthedark4

What an amazing night had by all coming together to support Deafblind Ontario with their mission of supporting individuals that are deaf blind to live and thrive within the community.  To see more images from this event please visit the image gallery.

Did you miss out?  Well, the good news, this is an annual event..  I urge you to take part in next year.  If you would like to support Deafblind Ontario Services, you can donate online.

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